Solar Shuffle


The celestial bodies of our solar system have fallen through a wormhole and stopped moving. You need to send them back!

screenshot of the game solar shuffle, showing some planets floating in space

(ca. 7 Mb)


This is meant to be played in a browser on a desktop/laptop device. Your experience on other devices may vary.

Currently does not work on Mac. The issue is known and we are waiting for Google to fix their browser engine.


Game design, art, programming by Lucius.

The art style is inspired by this drawing by brgfx on Freepik.

Sound effects are taken from free assets: 1 (Za-Games), 2 (Reitanna), 3, 4 (Shapeform Free Sound Effects).

The font is bungee by David Jonathan Ross.

Made with Godot 4 on Linux.

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