Boxy 2


Oh no! Boxy has been trapped. Help him escape.

screenshot of the game boxy 2

(ca. 8 Mb)

Play it on itch.io


This is meant to be played in a browser on a desktop/laptop device. Your experience on other devices may vary.

Currently does not work on Mac. The issue is known and we are waiting for Google to fix their browser engine.

If you are wondering why this is "Boxy 2" and not just "Boxy": The reason is that I have previously made this game in a pure Javascript / HTML5 Canvas version. The graphics were much more crude, it had no music and fewer levels. Recently I decided to remake the game in Godot.


Game design, programming and art by Lucius.

The basic idea for this game is not new. It is a remake of a classic puzzle game that I have played in various versions over the years. I added a number of new levels.

Sound effects and music are taken from free assets: pling (Sjonas88), levelup (qubodup), whoosh (Shapeform Free Sound Effects), popbeat (by kbrecordzz).

The font is bungee by David Jonathan Ross.

The scene transition effects are made by GuilhermeGSousa, check out his cool game-base-2d for Godot games on Github.

Made with Godot 4 on Linux.

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